It was only a matter of time when this topic would reach a boiling point again. Can Danica Patrick compete week-in-week out on the NASCAR circuit? For the past few years I said she was a marketing prodigy.

Now the "King" Richard Petty agrees with me. Petty made comments over the weekend that if she were a man she would just be another driver. I understand this is predominately a man's sport, but she can't get it done on the track. Danica Patrick gives hope to a lot of people with her perseverance but her time is running out.

Danica Patrick has gotten more people interested in NASCAR. But at the end of the day she still isn't in the winner's circle. I'm sure many people have gotten used to her on the circuit, but they now have gotten used to her defining attributes, which is in the marketing arena, not winning races.

I respect Danica, but sooner or later this situation will dry up. Unless she can win a few races. Do you really believe some sort of magic will happen? Because I don't. Patrick is a pioneer and has tough skin to endure the backbiting. But she is paid millions by her sponsors for her looks and no one else walks in her shoes. She finished eighth in the season opener.

As Al Davis would say, "Just win, baby!"