If you are like me, you are fascinated by all things creepy like true crime, urban legends and mysteries, you are in the right place!

After diving deep down a rabbit hole about the Mothman and how he's been spotted around Lake Michigan as recently as May of this year, I wanted to look into other myths, cryptids and urban legends around Michigan!

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Michigan is Full of Mysteries

We have our resident expert on all things ghostly in Michigan, John Robinson, but there are quite a few mysteries out there that maybe you haven't heard of but the residents of these areas fully believe in and it's engrained in the community's "culture."

There are all kinds of legends throughout the state that have been passed down through generations of various haunted locations, cryptids, Native American folklore, true crime and more.

Some are creepy tales to tell around the campfire, some are beautiful retellings of how iconic Michigan landmarks came to be and some are straight out of a horror movie.

10 Myths Michiganders Believe

MI Myths Even Locals Believe

Every state has its own fair share of urban legends, here's some here in Michigan that even the people who live in these areas believe to be true.

 Exploring Myths and Misconceptions

I think it stands to be clear, though, that there's a difference here between "myths" and "misconceptions" about Michigan.

For example, one might think the whole "you're never more than six miles from a body of water or 85 miles from a Great Lake" may just sound like a gimmicky thing Michiganders like to throw around but it is actually TRUE and confirmed by the Michigan DNR!

Either way, no matter what you believe or what you've heard around your community, there are some fascinating urban legends and fascinating myths all around Michigan that are worth diving deeper into.

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