Father’s Day is in two days, and it’s always a tough day for me. I lost my father in 1993. He had been sick with a rare blood disease that affected his heart. He passed away at our home in Delta Township on July 3rd, 1993. It was a very traumatic situation for my mom and me. We thought he was getting better, and he died on a Saturday morning.

At that time in my life, I was involved with our family business called DeMarco’s Bar and Grocery on 600 South Pennsylvania. I helped run the bar part of the facility. I got home around 2:45 AM. My mom (Corky) called me and woke me up. Also, I was living at my condo back then. So, I picked up the phone and she said "David come to the house quick, I think your dad has passed away!”

I flew over there and he had passed away. I shut his eyes. It was an awful situation. To this day I cry thinking about it. My dad Ed DeMarco had passed away at the age of 67.

My dad was kind, clever and very well like by everyone. He loved golf, hunting, fishing, mowing the lawn and taking care of my mom and I. He was a provider. We always came first. He instilled in me an unbelievable work ethic. When I was young, if I wanted to go to any sports event, he would make sure I got there. I could go on and on. But he was a humble man too.

My dad was one outstanding man, and I miss him and my mom very much. They were both excellent parents. Honor your dads this Sunday.

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