Michigan State University president Dr. Samuel Stanley announced on Friday in a letter to students and faculty that most of the current rules and mandates governing COVID-19 will be extended into the 2022-23 school year.

This announcement also covers the upcoming summer semester of 2022.  The original ruling was put in place last summer.

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You still have to be fully vaccinated and boosted if you are a student, faculty member, or another member of the staff to enter campus.  Exceptions are still allowed for medical or religious reasons.

Students will fail to disclose their vaccination status will not be able to enroll in school for the summer and/or fall semesters.

However, the mask mandate in classes and labs will no longer be in effect starting on May 16th.  However, President Stanley wrote:

“There still may be unique situations where masks may be required, such as in campus health care facilities or due to state/federal regulations or contract requirements,” 

After an early surge at the start of the winter semester in January, COVID-19 cases have dropped significantly on campus.

Because of that, early detection and PCR tests at the MSU Clinical Center will cease on May 13th.  Again, here's President Stanley:

“We continue to see a sustained drop in COVID‑19 cases on campus, and with the wide availability of PCR, antigen and home testing in the community, the EDP and Clinical Center testing that were crucial to our success earlier in the pandemic can safely be discontinued now,”

Masks are not required at Michigan State athletics events anymore.  But you must show your vaccination status to enter any athletics facilities.

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