When Notre Dame ended its football series with The University of Michigan, Wolverines Coach Brady Hoke referred to it as chicken-you-know-what. Now, I wonder what MSU Coach Mark Dantonio's opinion is about The Fighting Irish.

An mlive.com report on Wednesday displayed optimism about the future of the MSU/ND rivalry, though the report did cite match-ups that are fewer and further between the recent standard. However, an article posted today by The Detroit News has a much different tone to it, with the same factual bases. The big to-do with Notre Dame's decision to end rivalries with both MSU and Michigan, according to the ND camp, directly stems from the school's recent commitment to the Atlantic Coast Conference, and its scheduling policies.

Well, OK, fine. But that doesn't absolve Notre Dame from their chicken-you-know-what decisions to spurn offers to join the Big Ten (as they should have decades ago...). We know what Brady Hoke thinks. I think it's safe to assume MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis' disappointment. What say you, Sparty?