The MSU Lady Spartans lost to the Bears of Baylor tonight, 84-65. The Spartans were showing some promise going into halftime, with a 13 point lead against the Bears. But the Bears fought back with the huge victory. This loss is the most lopsided for the Lady Spartans this season. Imani Wright led the game in points, shooting for 18 points. Jasmine Lumpkin scored 16 points for MSU. As a team, the Bears shot 31 for 68 in field goals, 5 for 13 from the three point line and 17 for 23 in free throws. The Spartans shot 24 for 54 in field goals, 4 for 13 in 3 pointers and 13-17 in free throws. Tune in on Sunday when the Lady Spartans take on Syracuse, pregame coverage starts at 3:45 on Lansing's Sports Station, The Game, 730 AM, WVFN.