Michigan State University announced on Tuesday that the school will be canceling classes on the date of February 13th, 2024 for most of the student body to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the tragic shooting that occurred on campus this past winter.

WILX-TV 10 is reporting that the university is planning events to remember the victims of the tragedy.

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As you may remember, three Michigan State students were killed and five others were injured in a mass shooting over on campus this past February 13th.  The alleged shooter then took his own life as he was confronted by police later that evening.

According to WILX-TV, Berkey Hall (where some of the shootings happened) will be open for the school's faculty, graduate students, and other support staff for the fall semester.  Berkey Hall will open up for classes in the spring semester, starting next January.

There will be a memorial honoring the victims at some point.  But the school's Public Art on Campus Committee is still compiling information about that, and that will last throughout the upcoming fall semester.

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