Another sad business departure is happening in East Lansing.

This time around, it's happening within Michigan State University's campus.

Biggby Coffee Inside the MSU Student Union is Closing Indefinitely

Eat At State made the announcement on its Facebook page a couple of days ago that the Biggby Coffee inside the Union would be "closing indefinitely". Take a look at the thoughtful post, below.

After many great years serving guests of the MSU Union, Biggby Coffee will be closing indefinitely. Thank you to this location's @biggbycoffee team for the countless coffee pours, delicous snacks and warm smiles

Many people in the comments are deeply saddened to see it go. For many people, students and faculty alike, Biggby was the only coffee option nearby. The next available closest option was coffee from Sparty's in the Library. Sure, one could walk to Wells Hall and get some Starbucks, but that's another trip you have to make if you're already at the union. Plus, if you're a tried and true Biggby patron, Starbucks or coffee from Sparty's might not make the cut.

Biggby coffee makes the second eatery of sorts to leave the student union. MSU had a smaller, secondary Dairy Store located inside the union that closed during the pandemic. Don't worry though, the original Dairy Store in Anthony Hall is still open.

To be fair, there's always a chance that another coffee place might take over that spot, as "indefinitely" means "an unlimited or unspecified amount of time". So, perhaps this loss is just for now?

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