Football season is under way at Michigan State. August 1st (Thursday) was the first official day of practice. Right now they're practicing without pads. The first practice with pads will happen next Tuesday, the first scrimmage will be next Friday and the first game is August 30th against Tulsa.

Last month, Brian Lewerke and fellow quarterback (with the greatest name in football) Rocky Lombardi both took a trip to "Commander Camp" at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. There they and other college QBs trained with Marines and Navy SEALs in a program designed to boost their leadership skills and confidence. They ran obstacle course, did some simulated shooting (Simulated? That's no fun) and took a field trip in a C-2 cargo plane, which included a carrier landing. Pretty cool. According to, Lewerke said the soldiers “worked our butts off” and he was named the MVP of the camp, which didn’t include any football activities because of NCAA restrictions.

(Rocky going through the program makes him the perfect younger sidekick, when they make the movie version of this)

Lewerke says he's fully recovered from the shoulder injury he sustained last season. And now, after Boot Camp, I would think he should have a scary look in his eyes for all those linebackers.

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