The University of Michigan has been having more night games in recent history, but prior administrations made it clear they would never host Michigan State or Ohio State in the evening.

Now, that could change.

U-M interim athletic director Jim Hackett tells the Detroit Free Press he's considering scheduling MSU or OSU for a night game in Ann Arbor this fall. From a Free Press article:

On night games: He said they will announce this year's night game in the near future, possibly the next couple weeks. "At least one game" he said. Asked whether Michigan State or Ohio State could be a possibility -- both ruled out by his predecessor Dave Brandon -- he said he was making "a whole new scheduling engine. ... There will be some of those types of things in there."

He said he would rule one of the two out as a possibility but would not elaborate.

MSU at U-M at night? That would be epic! Sign me up!

Michigan State, too, has been ostensibly reticent to schedule Michigan for a night game due to the extra strain that puts on public safety (longer tailgating hours, etc.)