Restaurants are having a hard time right now. Between the extremely high costs of food due to inflation and the lack of staff, some restaurants are really struggling. And because of this, many restaurants have had to close their doors. Lansing is no exception.

Sadly, Lansing residents have had to say goodbye to yet another restaurant. This time, a favorite among foodies...Mr. Corned Beef.

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I, myself, learned of this closure via the famous Lansing Foodies Facebook group. From there, I did a little more digging into the situation. I went straight to the Mr. Corned Beef Facebook page and found that it was indeed listed as "permanently closed".

Courtesy of Mr. Corned Beef via Facebook
Courtesy of Mr. Corned Beef via Facebook

Mr. Corned Beef in Lansing Has Closed Permanently

As you can see in the picture above, the last Facebook post they had was on July 11th, and at that time, there was no indication that they'd be closing. And not only does their Facebook page list them as permanently closed, but there are also "closed" signs all over the front of the store.

Courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing

It's truly sad to see another place close its doors for the last time, especially so abruptly and without warning. Lansing residents are lamenting its closure in the Lansing Foodies Facebook group, saying how much they loved it and that it seemed busy every time they went. Perhaps the rising cost of food was just too much? Whatever the case, we're sad to see them go, and we hope nothing but the best for the owners and the workers.

Sadly, Mr. Corned Beef is the only restaurant we've had to say goodbye to recently. Look through the gallery below to see some of the other restaurants that have had to say goodbye in the last year.

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