You know, the older I get the less I know. Or maybe at times I forget what I know or I didn't know it in the first place so I never forgot it in the first place.

Anyway...I'm kind of embarrassed that I don't think that I knew this, but at the same time I don't believe that I have ever been a rule breaker when it came to this:

If you're mowing your lawn in Michigan, make sure that those grass clippings don't end up in the road. It could be very dangerous and cause accidents for people who ride bikes and motorcycles if they run over it just the right way (or what would actually be considered the wrong way) and it is actually illegal in the State of Michigan for you to let it slide and send your grass clippings out onto the road.

Did you already know this? You know, I was aware that when I'm snow throwing in the winter I can't send my thrown snow out on the road and of course I know that every time it snows I've got to go out and get rid of the snow on the sidewalk because nobody needs to be slipping and falling in front of my house. Plus, if I don't clear the snow off the sidewalk in a timely fashion, somebody else gets hired by officials to do it and I have to pay fifty bucks for that service.

Anyway, don't let your grass clippings get in the road. Like I said it's illegal in Michigan, you could cause people to get into an accident and on top of that you could get sued by the people who had the accident.

And if you lose the lawsuit I think it would be a lot more expensive than fifty bucks for sidewalk snow removal...

Click here to take a look at the actual law at the Michigan Legislature website.

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