According to BetMGM, more people are betting on the Detroit Lions to make the playoffs than any other team.

I know. Any real Lions fan knows better than to bite on any preseason hype, but this is really happening. According to betting insider Darren Rovell, more people are using the BetMGM app to bet on the Lions to actually make the playoffs this year. I'm sure there are a bunch of other reasons people are making this crazy bet because it definitely can't be based on the team itself.

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So why are so many people betting on the Lions to make the playoffs?

This question can be answered with one word . . . value.

The payoff for a small bet on the Lions to make the playoffs is much higher than a Super Bowl favorite like the Chiefs. I don't know the exact odds, but they must be pretty favorable for sports betters to go after the Lions like they are. If you are a betting person, you can sign up for BetMGM here and use my bonus code CHURCH to get some extra perks.

How are the Lions actually predicted to do this year?

Although it feels like the Lions are in a constant state of "rebuilding", this year it's actually true. Detroit has a new coaching staff, GM, QB, and the basic philosophy is different. This may eventually be a good thing, but for right now, it means Detroit will stink this year.

Let's keep BetMGM as the measuring stick here so everything is consistent. Just check out the odds that they've put on the Lions to win the Super Bowl.

Let's look at it from a little smaller scale. The Lions are obviously not Super Bowl favorites, but how are they expected to finish in their division?

Oh, that's right . . . dead last.

Listen, I'm not going to tell you what to do with your money, but you may want to hang on to it for now. I agree that the thought of winning big on a small bet AND having the Lions shock the world would be outstanding.

I also agree that you are basically throwing your money into a dumpster fire.

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