In sports I always look for great human interests stories. I found a perfect one out of Philly--it's a little league team called the Taney Dragon's. But this team has a special spin on it--they have a girl on their team.

And she just isn't on the team, she is one of the best sports best stories of the summer. This young lady's name is Mo'ne Davis. She is 13 and is possibly the best female pitcher for her age in the world. Her team is competing in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. Last night her team lost to Las Vegas, but since it's double elimination they will play again on Sunday.

Mo'ne Davis can throw her pitches at around 70 mph. and the boys marvel at how well she can play. Like I said, the Las Vegas team hit her pretty good last night, but overall she has dominated. Everyone in the country has marveled how well she has pitched. She has been offered $25,000 to autograph 1,000 items. I don't know how that works down the road.

Just remember the summer of 2014, Mo'ne Davis of the Taney Dragons and her commanding fastballs. This young lady has captivated the country and gave a lot of hope for girls in athletics.