If you've never seen the show "Draining The Oceans" I highly suggest you check it out, as there are a bunch of cool episodes where they use computer graphics and scientific research to literally drain the oceans on tv. This gives you a better look at shipwrecks, not only in the ocean, but there's even an episode where they drain The Great Lakes, and you get to see wrecks like the Edmund Fitzgerald.

In the new season of the show, they're diving back into Michigan waters, as a scuba diver goes into the Detroit River to dig up some dirt on the main focus of the show...The Mob. They describe the season in a teaser trailer they just released:
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After 30 years, LaSalle, Ontario diver Matt Zuidema admits he’s found a lot of cool stuff on ocean and river floors. Now, the professional diver and instructor is getting a moment in the spotlight after helping National Geographic find an old Ford Model T in the bottom of the Detroit River for a feature on prohibition-era organized crime syndicates. Mr. Zuidema is being featured on National Geographic’s show ‘Drain the Oceans’ in an episode aptly named, “Rise the Mob.” 
In the new season, the host tries to find connections with vessels that lay in the bottom of bodies of water as he tries to tie them together with the genesis of the mob in the U.S. I'm interested to see the parallels of his discoveries and a group of people who don't like leaving evidence. I guess there are some things you just can't hide.

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