On Tuesday, Major League Baseball released the first update to All-Star game voting for the American League. Stop me if you've heard this one before, the Royals are doing well.

According to the first update, there is a Royal in every category placed inside the top 2 of all-star voting. View the update picture here.

Let's break down the absurdity. Omar Infante and his .244 average and 10 RBIs, he's second behind Jose Altuve. Perhaps more absurd in the second basemen category is that Ian Kinsler isn't even in the top five!

The injured Mike Moustakas and his .240 average is also second in the third baseman category behind Josh Donaldson. Moustakas has only played in 27 games, though to his credit he does have seven home runs.

Here's the best one, the Designated Hitter spot, you know the guy who does nothing but hit. Kendrys Morales is hitting .193 in 48 games this year, and he's 2nd. Now he is almost double the vote totals behind likely winner David Ortiz but someone hitting under .200 when all they do is play offense is not even deserving of being in the majors let alone top 2 in an all star ballot.

Not all the Royals are undeserving though. Eric Hosmer (1st among first basemen) and Paulo Orlando (2nd among outfielders) are having great seasons hitting over .330. Hosmer at one point had a double digit game hitting streak this season.

As for the Tigers, they have three representative in the top five of voting categories. Nick Castellanos places fourth among third basemen, Victor Martinez is fourth in the Designated Hitter category and Miguel Cabrera is second in first basemen behind the aforementioned Eric Hosmer.

No matter what happens let's just hope this trend can be nipped early and American League fans don't have to sweat out the possibility of a starting nine of eight Royals and Mike Trout like last year.

Link to vote for 2016 MLB All-Stars.