Two days ago college football got some very bad news. The head football coach at the University of Minnesota had to resign due to health issues. This quality man's name is Jerry Kill.

Coach Kill has had a history in the past few years of having epileptic seizures. This has been a real scare for himself, family, coaches and players. Now, he has the Gopher football team on track and he has to walk away from his job he worked so hard at.

There is a young man who plays quarterback at Lansing Catholic High School named Tony Poljan he was earmarked to go to Minnesota and play quarterback. Tony has been recruited by some very impressive D-1 programs. He chose Minnesota for one reason: head coach Jerry Kill. But now he has to resign. Now Tony Poljan may have to open up the recruiting process again. It would be very interesting where Tony chooses his second time around. This cannot be an easy situation.

Also, let me tell you about Suzy Merchant the MSU Women's Hoop Coach and her professional relationship with Coach Kill years ago. Merchant was hired by Kill at Saginaw Valley years ago when he was head football coach and also A.D. She told me she owes her outstanding career to him, because he believed in her.

This is a stand-up guy. Coach Kill you will be missed on the sidelines--take care of your health.