Big Ten Conference Athletic Directors are meeting this week in Suburban Chicago. According to an article from Minneapolis/St. Paul radio station 1500 ESPN, interest in selling alcohol at B1G sporting venues is gaining interest. Minnesota currently is the only school to do so, resulting in good profits for the school, in the second year at their new football stadium. The article points out that some Big Ten schools have attendance concerns, and any extra cash is a good thing. Other schools, including Michigan State, have already stated that they have no interest in selling alcohol at sporting events.

I suppose there are two ways to look at this. It's understandable why MSU has no intention of selling booze or beer. Attendance is bound to flourish following a Rose Bowl Championship Season. That's likely not a concern. And, let's face it there are no shortages of tipsy folk on any given Home Game Saturday. They're wandering all over campus and East Lansing, as plenty of suds flow freely.

On the other hand, I see where some schools would want to capitalize on the ability to profit for themselves, instead of letting bars, restaurants, and stores keep all of that coin.

But, at what cost would it come, especially in East Lansing? It's not like we've witnessed celebrations in the past that promote civil obedience and public safety...