When you think of "Iron" Mike Tyson you think of a very scary dude. But, these days Tyson has calmed his entire act down. The Mike Tyson who has broken all the rules for years. Like, armed robbery, drugs, rape charge, prison sentence, ear biting episode, and that is just the start.

These days you can find Tyson talking about his life on stage with his one man show called Undisputed Truth. Tyson and Spike Lee put this very entertaining show together for on stage. I have watched it four times on HBO, and really enjoyed his intensity and story telling ability.

Mike Tyson's life is a story unlike most great athletes. He had nothing, amassed over a 500 million dollar empire, only to be almost broke. Tyson has had failed marriages, a daughter die, all his mentors die, but he is still going strong. Now, he has a great wife and kids. His book ,a one-man show, and new DVD are going strong.

In the end people in the world can draw their own conclusions of Mike Tyson. He is polarizing, controversial, entertaining, a felon, former Heavyweight Champion of the World, birdman, and now professional story teller. "Iron " Mike Tyson is still one of the baddest men on the planet that has calmed down.