Being famous comes with perks. It also comes with annoyances.

When in public, many want a photo, or an autograph, or just to talk.

Celebrity culture can also bring vultures who have intentions, whether it be financial, or just to have a story.

Being a celebrity on a plane leaves you no where to go.

There are some celebrities you should just leave alone, and Mike Tyson may be #1 on the list.

Mike Tyson
Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images

The 55 year old former heavyweight boxing champion was on a flight recently, and one moron decided to heckle him.

You can guess how this ended. (WARNING: Video has NSFW language)

Perhaps the heckler was inebriated. Perhaps he has a death wish.

If he wanted a story, he has one now.

Listen, leave Mike alone.

I had the opportunity to interview Tyson on my show several years ago. He was funny, charismatic, and gracious. And even though he was 1,612 miles away from me in Las Vegas, I still knew better than to tick him off.

Social media has plenty of takes about the incident on the plane, but all seem to agree on one thing. Heckling Mike Tyson is a bad idea.


Aside from the heckler not being smart, how do you feel about the incident?

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