Los Angeles Angels phenom outfielder Mike Trout is getting a brief bump up in pay. The Angels inked him to a $1 million, one-year contract extension.

It's just a pre -arbitration contract because he will be a free agent next season. This means the Angels do not want to lose him in the future.

Trout, 22, is looked upon as one of the top three players in all of MLB. He has all of the tools for a young superstar: He runs, hits and defensively is one of the best in the game. He's one of only four players ever to bat .320 with 50 home runs and scored 200 runs in his first two full seasons.

Trout finished second in American League MVP voting both of his first two seasons in the league. Both times he lost out to Miguel Cabrera.

This guy is not a flash in the pan. He is the real deal and the Angels know it. They could lose him to the Yankees if he were to become a free agent, seeing how Trout is from New Jersey and the Yankees are infamous for their deep pockets.

Trout can flat-out play. If he stays healthy, he's on the path toward greatness.

If he has another great season he could be looking at a $300 million dollar contract for ten years.