Today is another day at the ballpark. The Detroit Tigers will host the Colorado Rockies at Comerica Park for a weekend series. Miguel Cabrera is stuck on 2,999 hits. He needs just one more hit for the iconic 3000th hit.

I am hoping that Miggy goes hitless tonight or gets walked because I am going to the Tigers game tomorrow. First pitch is 1:10 PM at the yard. It would be absolutely perfect to see Miggy get his 3000th hit in person.

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Miggy is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. The Tigers traded for him years ago with the Marlins. Last season he got his 500th home run. Miggy’s career is coming to a close in the next couple of years. He has been paid handsomely by the Tigers organization, but he hasn’t always been a model player either.

He had problems years ago with the law from a serious drinking situation. The Tigers got him out of that legal bind too.

He also had another family in Central Florida. A woman who he fathered kids with sued him for more child support. That is his personal life, but it did affect the organization. Although, Miggy did quiet that situation down. I guess money solves those problems. Miggy has a ton of money too.

We will see if Miggy gets his 3000th hit tonight or maybe I will see it on Saturday’s game. Right now, Miggy is still sitting on 2,999.

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