Everything has its own season; strawberries, cherries, lavenderblueberries, and more. Especially here in Michigan where the summer season isn't as long as in other spots in the country, we have to make the most out of those warmer season months.

Sweet Corn Season

Despite that, summertime in Michigan sees a good amount of harvesting, including sweet corn. And now is the time for sweet corn.

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Just like picking out the best strawberries and cherries, now is the time to pick out the best ears of corn, and these six mid-Michigan farms have their doors open for you to do so. Get ready to do a little shucking, and check out the list below to find where all these awesome farms are.

Reese Farms

Reese Farms opens for the sweet corn season on August 1st. You can pick up a dozen ears of corn for $14. Find them at 14633 Wood Road in Lansing. They also carry beef and other garden goodies.


Andy T's Farm Market

Andy T's in Saint Johns is known for its gourmet sweet corn and pumpkins. And while it's not yet time for pumpkins, it's definitely time for sweet corn. They're open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. Andy T's has more than sweet corn, too. You can find delicious cherries, tomatoes, zucchini, and more!


Butcher Farms

Here's another Lansing area farm that's serving up sweet corn (and more), this time in Mason. Not to mention the numerous other produce options they offer, like onions, jalapenos, zucchini, broccoli, and more.


Diederich's Berry & Produce Farm

You probably remember Diederich's from our list of u-pick strawberry farms. Don't forget, they offer other products too, including sweet corn. You can find Diedrich's at 3357 Morrice Road in Webberville.


Felzke Farms

Felzke Farms is another place that offers u-pick strawberries in the early parts of summer. They do cherries and blueberries, too. Now, they're offering up some delicious sweet corn. Find them at 5501 W Herbison Road in DeWitt.


Pray Farms

Pray Farms is located in Eaton Rapids, but they have multiple farm stand locations. One on Gunnell Road in Eaton Rapids, one on Canal Road in Dimondale, and another in the Ace Hardware parking lot in Grand Ledge. Get yourself some sweet corn, green beans, and more.

The Best You-Pick Cherry Farms Across Michigan

Now that Michigan's really getting into summer, it's the perfect season for cherry picking.
Whether you want to stay around town in the mid-Michigan area, or perhaps make a day of it and travel someplace new and check out the Michigan town that's literally famous for its cherry festival; Traverse City, there are plenty of great you-pick cherry places across the state. Check out where you can pick your own cherries across Michigan.

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