In case you couldn't already tell, it's gonna be a scorcher.

This year, much like every year in Michigan, has been bizarre when it comes to weather. We had an unseasonably warm start to spring (remember when it was hot as Hades back in March, right before we all went into COVID-19 lockdown?), which then turned into a more spring-like April and beginning of May. By Memorial Day, it was pretty warm. And then, it cooled off again.

AccuWeather has released the outlook for summer 2020 and, for the mitten state, it's gonna be "very warm." It also might be a dicey summer for severe weather.

The summer solstice begins on June 20th and, for the first few weeks, the heat will come in "spurts." However, by July, according to meteorologists, we could hit our peak. Basically, we can expect it to be hotter than last summer.

Now, if you're traveling south to Florida or driving to the Gulf Coast, it's also expected to be VERY hot. They've also had a "record-setting start" to the hurricane season.

No complaints from me, personally. I love the heat, I love summer. I function better with this kind of weather with my asthma. The flip side is that I know TONS of people with asthma (my sister included) who don't fare well in the heat.

It's a crapshoot, really. Not just because it's Michigan, but because we're all different and it's like politics - only half of Michiganders will bee happy all the time.

Wear sunscreen, ladies and germs. And enjoy your summer!

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