If you know Michigan, then you should be somewhat familiar with Ottawa County. The population of Ottawa County is roughly over 290,000. Grand Haven is also located in Ottawa County.

Park officials in that area of the state are looking for major upgrades which does include more trails, more parks being created and so much more.

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When you take a look at the big picture, officials are looking to spend over 20 million dollars to add more trails and basically focus on over 10 priority projects. One of those projects would be to add numerous improvements to Ottawa Sands Park.

And talking about Ottawa Sands, here's a description as to what officials would like to have done, sometime in the near future. Mlive.com:

The phase one development of the relatively new park at 18153 N. Shore Drive in Spring Lake would see lake shoreline improvements, wetland creation, a paved entry drive, an accessible kayak launch on the Grand River, a paved day-use parking area near the sand mine lake, trail boardwalks, modern restrooms, an accessible 1.6-mile paved loop around the Ottawa Sands lake, a connection to the Idema Explorers Trail and the Idema Explorers Camp. The park is located near Lake Michigan.

This is just one phase of the many changes that need to take place in Ottawa County. Another example of where part of the $22.4 million would be used for is Sheldon's Landing Development. More on this project from mlive.com:

This project would improve Sheldon Landing, located on north side of the Pigeon River, just east of Lake Shore Drive near property owned by Consumers Energy at the planned-to-be decommissioned JH Campbell Power Plant. The project would see paved parking, an accessible kayak launch, fishing deck and a trail connection to Lakeshore Drive be constructed at Sheldon Landing.

There are many upgrades needed for Ottawa County and perhaps someday, everything will come together as planned.

In the meantime, take a look at several other projects in the works, plus upgrades to a park near Lake Michigan. (Mlive.com)

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