It's been called “the largest log cabin in the world” but I wonder if it really is?

The place in question is Granot Loma, located on the shore of Lake Superior, sixteen miles northwest of Marquette.

Now a National Historic Landmark, the story begins back in the 1800s. From 1870-1900 over 200 hotels were built in the Adirondack Mountains. The hotels were nice getaways, but customers were clamoring for a more 'wilderness' feel. So many of the hotels leased some of their land and tent camps soon appeared.

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Unfortunately, many of the traditional resorts in the Adirondacks excluded certain groups of people for several reasons: either because of their politics, race, religious beliefs, or just plain snobbery. Because of this, many of the wealthier 'excluded' families began erecting their own private getaways. Louis Kaufman was one of the men excluded from the Huron Mountain Club; in retaliation, he traveled north of Marquette and built Granot Loma as his summer home on the Lake Superior shore.

The log home took four years to finish, from 1919-1923. It cost Louis five million dollars and a crew of four hundred to get the job done. When completed, it rivaled all those other retreats that became snob hovels for the bigots who remained in the Adirondacks.

The home's legendary status grew to such proportion, that while serving his term as president, Gerald Ford wanted to use it for his “western White House”...but that didn't come to pass.

Granot Loma was restored in 1987, became an historic landmark in 1991, and is said to be the 'largest log cabin in the world' and the 'most expensive residence in Michigan'. Loma Farms was created in 1927 to supply food and money for the home, and still stands just south of the house.

So, just what does 'Granot Loma' mean? It was a mix of letters from the names of Louis' first three children and his wife, Marie.

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