One can argue many things when trying to convince recruits to commit to the University of Michigan to play football. But one thing you can't deny, they have the BEST spring breaks of any NCAA team!

The trip will be after the team completes the semester at UM and will follow the team's spring football scrimmage on April 13.

The team's trip will be paid for by alumni contributions. In the past, the team has journeyed to Italy, including a visit with the Pope in Rome, and to France.

The trip's may seem like over privilege, but when you think about the circumstances a lot of the players come from, it is for most of the them the first time they've been on a plane, let alone out of the country.

In a recent editorial, Nick Baumgartner of the Detroit Free Press pointed out that many college students travel abroad as part of their curriculum, but many football players can't commit the time.

For U-M football, these trips are the best gestures the program makes to its players throughout the year. Free shoes and bowl swag is fine. But stuff like this is life-changing. It's something many normal college students get to do. But it's rare for college football players.

Any program with the means should figure out a way to repeat it. Whether or not those programs despise Harbaugh isn't the point. The point is these are memories created that will outlast most football games. 





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