Just the idea of Alice Cooper doing a commercial with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield sounds like it could be funny. Add to that, that it's not a 'Flo and her co-workers' ad and that makes it even more promising, as you know we'll be subjected to these probably throughout the entire upcoming football season. This is the third season for the Mayfield-centered commercials, and one story says they are award winning.

Back to the the commercials themselves; in the new ad, Mayfield and Cooper are neighbors, and remember, in the first two years, the premise was that Mayfield lives at the Browns' home field, First Energy Stadium. In an interview, Mayfield said he knew about "School's Out" but not much else about Cooper. But after reading up about him, he found out Cooper (Vincent Fournier) grew up in Detroit and a Lions fan, which might a be fount of humor, right there.

Mayfield also said two other things surprised him about the iconic rocker, that he's a scratch golfer, and takes his acting seriously. And he added they had a good rapport while filming, and laughed a lot, especially when Cooper said, as a Lions fan, he couldn't help out the Browns.

One other aspect of this that is interesting, is how Cooper is keeping himself relevant, at the age of 73, to a new and younger audience. There's a method to the madness.

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