The four 2021 Heisman Trophy finalists have been revealed, and Michigan's Aidan Hutchinson is on the list.

Hutchinson is in pretty rare company considering he is only the 14th defensive player to make the top five of the Heisman voting in the last 50 years. There has only ever been one defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy, and it just so happens he was a Wolverine as well. Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy in 1997, and for now, he is the only defensive player to win, but Hutchinson hopes to change all that.

Hutchinson is joined by three standout quarterbacks in the Heisman final four. CJ Stroud from Ohio State, Kenny Pickett from Pitt, and Bryce Young from Alabama will all be vying for the Heisman Trophy this year.

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Why is it so rare for a defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy?

The short answer is exposure.

Defensive players rarely get the national exposure that an explosive offensive player gets. Defensive statistics just aren't as sexy as the big numbers that an offensive player can post. Considering how hard it is for a defensive player to stand out, it makes what Hutchinson has been able to do even more special.

Hutchinson has been having a historic season, which is exactly why he decided to return for his senior season at Michigan. Hutchinson has set the Michigan single-season sack record with 14 sacks. He also has 55 tackles on the season, but the thing that has launched him into the spotlight is the high level of play he showed at the end of the season in the biggest games of the season.

Hutchinson is the sixth Heisman finalist from Michigan. The last finalist from Michigan was Jabril Peppers, who coincidentally was also a defensive player. Aidan has been having a historic year personally, and that has helped Michigan make some history as a team.

We'll all be hoping to hear Aidan Hutchinson's name called when they open the winner's envelope. The Heisman Trophy winner will be announced on Saturday, December 11th at 8 pm on ESPN.

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