Lately, a growing number of adults throughout the country are choosing to be childfree for a number of different reasons. It could be a financial reason, it could be an emotional reason, or it could be just because they don't want to.

In fact, a recent study from Michigan State University claims that 1 in 5 adults in Michigan do not want children. That translates to about 1.7 million people in Michigan. That same study goes on to claim that women in their teens and early 20s are making this decision in their life and sticking to it even as they advance in adulthood. See the full report here.

Okay, But Why?

The report from Michigan State University doesn't give a list of reasons. Although, they do cite the recent overturning of Roe V. Wade as a potential factor. With access to abortion being either limited or completely outlawed in some states, women across the country began seeking permanent sterilization at higher rates, according to

But, that's less of a reason and more of a consequence of a Supreme Court decision. The actual reasons vary from person to person and are incredibly personal. However, people still tend to pry, even obsess over why someone would NOT want to have kids.

Here's what some Michiganders had to say when the above-mentioned Michigan State University's study was posted on Reddit:

I only make $33K a year, no kids. - u/TGOTR

Financial stability or capability is a huge factor to consider when it comes to having kids. A report from says,

Middle-income, married-couple parents of a child born in 2015 may expect to spend $233,610 ($284,570 if projected inflation costs are factored in*) for food, shelter, and other necessities to raise a child through age 17. This does not include the cost of a college education.

Contributing to the financial side of the conversation, u/ReallyBoredMan said,

I'm a millennial with 1 kid (under 2 years old), our child care is just under 1,300 a month and that is with a 10% employer discount. That is more than our mortgage payment.

By the way, did you know that, on average, it costs between $10,000 - $30,000 to give birth in the United States if you don't have insurance? Read the state-by-state statistics here.

Saw the way this country is going a while back and decided with the GF (wife now) that no way were we bringing life into this hellhole. - u/GreatLakes

I'm a gen X, and I could only have one child due to an awful high risk pregnancy. My daughter is 27 now. During the whole time she was growing up, I was constantly bombarded with...Why don't you have more kids, why aren't you having another child, Don't you want another child, It's selfish to only have one child, etc. - u/Sunna420

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Overall, about 50,000 people experience pregnancy complications each year, according to Those complications could be from pre-existing health conditions, conditions directly related to the pregnancy, age, and more.

In general, it seems the most common reasons why so many Michigan adults are choosing to go child-free are finances and the state of the world. See the full Reddit thread here.

Or, check out this video below featuring women who have gone childfree by choice:

It is my opinion that someone's decision to have or to not have children is extremely personal and no one else's business. But, as someone who is childfree by choice, it's an odd and common experience to have people constantly question and challenge that decision.

If you're someone who doesn't understand why someone wouldn't want to have kids, I hope this helps shed some light.

Does being childfree by choice mean that I don't support others who are choosing to have kids? Of course not! In fact, if you are planning on having a baby, here's a list of the most popular baby names from each state:

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