I think that being a Michigander comes with a certain sense of pride. Sure, other states are cool and whatever, but being a Michigander is tops.

When people ask where you're from, you can proudly hold up your hand and point to a spot on your palm and let people know right where you're from. How many places allow you to do that?

But that sense of pride comes from way more than just where we're from and the fact that we can use our hands as a map. I feel that there are certain facets that go into the making of a "Pure Michigander". Things that, without them, might get your proverbial "Michigander" card revoked.

What Makes Someone a Michigander?

Whether you were born in Michigan or you made your way here and call it home, every resident of Michigan has a proverbial "Michigander card". A fictional card that denotes them as a Pure Michigander, through and through. However, that card isn't always a guarantee. There are certain actions or words that could get your card revoked, so to speak.

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Have you ever spoken to a Michigander and they've said something so un-Michigan that you've had to stop and ask for their Michigander card? A phrase that makes you do a double-take and say, "Wait, are you really from Michigan?".

We took the time to really think about what could be said to have a "Michigander Card" revoked, and this is what we came up with. Phrases that, when uttered, are sure to have someone's card taken away. Take a look through the list below to see if you agree. If there's a phrase so egregious that you think it should be added to this list, let us know. Send us a message using the station app.

Phrases That Would Get Your "Michigander Card" Revoked

Here are 8 phrases that, when uttered, are sure to get your proverbial "Michigander card" revoked.

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