At one time it would have been UNHEARD of to allow beer to be sold during a college football game. Especially if the stadium were on the grounds of the university. That's been changing across America in recent years.

And this weekend, it's changing in Michigan.

As an experiment, this Saturday, beer will be sold at Eastern Michigan's Rynearson Stadium when the Eagles play Ball State. According to the Detroit Free Press, Eastern's director of athletics, Heather Lyke put out a press release, saying, "Athletic programs across the country are looking for alternate revenue streams for their institutions, while enhancing the game-day experience for fans, and the sale of alcohol has been an increasing part of that dynamic."

So, it's more about "revenue streams" at this point, but will this also change the "power drinking" that goes on at the tailgate parties before everybody goes into the game - which up until now had been alcohol free? Or, will it just make it worse because people will just keep drinking? Eastern's experiment may give us an answer.