This would definitely change my thoughts on going fishing if while out with a friend doing some casual fishing, we spot a body part in the water we're fishing in.

It happened to two teens in Saginaw County last week when they were fishing in the Flint River near Taymouth Township on February 26. WOODTV reports that as they were fishing they spotted something weird in the water that turned out to be a human foot according to the Saginaw Times, which first ran the story.

Creepier, was the foot was actually still in a size 10 1/2 workboot, which is really ironic, because that's my size, but I'm not missing one of my feet. WOODTV says that the Saginaw County Sheriff, William Federspiel, told them that they have sent the foot to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab to run it against any DNA that's already in the system, to try to identify the owner of the foot.

Even creepier than the foot still being in a boot, is that the Sheriff told WOODTV that it's been detached from the body and in the water for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

In case you're like me and trying to figure out where Taymouth Township is, it's about 15 miles southeast of Saginaw and 100 miles northwest of Detroit.

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