The Associated press is celebrating 80 years of putting out college football ranking polls by releasing an all-time poll based on their numbers. Michigan State comes in 19th place all-time.

The AP gave points to schools based on their consistency in the rankings, how many times they were the #1 team in the nation, and extra bonus points for being declared the AP Champion.

Michigan State finished 19th with 443 points. According to the AP, the Spartans appeared in 34% of all polls, with 29 weeks as the #1 team in the nation. The Spartans also received one AP championship in 1952.

The best decade for Spartans football was the 1960s where they landed in almost 75% of all polls for that decade. The 2010s Spartans will be giving that record a run for its money, having appeared in 72 out of 98 polls released in the decade so far (73.4%).

The 80s were considered the worst decade for MSU football, appearing in only 16% of polls that decade.

The AP "fun fact" tied to Michigan State's ranking is that they have the most #1 rankings of any team not ranked #1 since the 1960s.

Michigan is ranked #7 in the AP All-Time poll. No other state of Michigan schools placed in the AP top 100 all-time.