If you have not heard of the Alliance of American Football yet, don't worry, you're not alone.

The AAF debuted this weekend with the first games of their regular season. The league is being billed as a second chance for players who just missed the pro cut, and deserve a second chance.

We've seen plenty of leagues try to take on the NFL and fail miserably, but the AAF is starting out as a compliment to the NFL. The AAF also has plenty of big football names heavily involved in every part of the game.

Here are the basics of the AAF that you should know before going forward. There are 8 teams total in the league, and they play a 12 game season wrapping up in April. The teams are listed below, you can click on their names to see promo videos for each team.

The league is noticeably missing any teams from the Mid-West, but if they have a successful first season, there may be plans to expand to a few new cities.

The AAF is very similar to the NFL, but there are a few rule differences that separate the league from the NFL. There will be no kickoffs, the overtime rules are different, and the play clock is 10 seconds shorter are just a few of the differences.

If you want to get some in depth information about the AAF, you should follow Rich Ohrnberger on Twitter. He is doing play by play for the league, and has been actively keeping up with the rules differences. Here is a thread where he talks about the biggest differences.

SO back to my original point. Michigan needs a team in the AAF!

We have to suffer through the Lions for so long during the NFL season, that we need to put something on the football field that we can be proud of.

I think we should even have the Lions play in the AAF, and just change players names. The starting QB is a unknown kid from the south named Mack Stanford. I think getting Lions players in on the action might help boost their confidence after a few wins. Then they can carry that over into the next season in the NFL.

Obviously I'm kidding, but I would like to see Flint or Grand Rapids get a AAF team. Maybe we can push for that to happen in year two of the AAF, that is assuming there will be a year two.

Check out some of the highlights of the first week of the AAF season here.

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