One of the obsessions of any Michigander

We don't just enjoy food, we revel in it. We have our favorites that we just can't stop eating once we start. Sure, we might be full enough, but our mouths keep craving more of that particular flavor we love so much.....and we end up overeating. We can't help it.

Traveling through Michigan, there are plenty of little roadside diners, cafe's, and stands that cater to your culinary whims. Whether it's a coney dog, cheeseburger, burrito, pizza, ice cream, candy, fried chicken, steak, BBQ.....there's always a place to stop and load up on your favorite guilty pleasures.

Michigan roadtripping always leads you to a new eatery...a new cafe'...a new establishment.....some with new foods you completely forgot about. So you load up.

I'm just as guilty as anyone...I'll stop at a little shop or store at the end of a freeway exit and load up on stuff to munch in the car. Chips, jerky, candy, pop, coffee, those little cheezy crackers.....not to mention the hot dogs and burgers that are EVERYwhere.

The photo gallery below shows a whole bunch of little Michigan roadside luncheonettes, pit stops, snack bars, diners, cafe's, and hash houses. But there's more.

I've included photos of some food delivery services from over 100 years ago: grocery wagons, milk wagons, food stands, ice cream wagons, and others for those who weren't roadtripping.

It's more than just a little tribute to our roadtrip's part of our we might as well have fun and accept it! I hope you enjoy the gallery below and maybe it will enhance your wanderlust for a Michigan roadtrip this year!



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