Our "bug barometer" here in the mitten isn't looking great right now. For humans, that is.

This should go without saying, but...

...you need to protect yourselves, your loved ones, and your pets from ticks this summer. And every summer. But, in particular, this summer.

The website PestWorld.org has released their annual "Bug Barometer" for 2020, and the Great Lakes region is looking to have a particularly bad tick season.

via PestWorld.org
via PestWorld.org

Several factors are part of this prediction - we had a warm, wet winter, which breeds bigger bug populations. Also, pest control and lawn companies were not able to spray for said nuisances because of the COVID-19 outbreak early in the season.

Also on the list are mosquitoes and ants, so be prepared. Make sure that your pets are protected (if your veterinarian is only doing emergency appointments right now, you can buy your pet preventative online), and make sure you check yourselves and others after you've been outside.

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