Detroit Lions fans all across Michigan were ecstatic that they got to see Matthew Stafford lead the Los Angeles Rams to s Super Bowl victory on Sunday. But for one football fan from the Mitten, that victory meant a huge payday thanks to an online betting app:  $1.5 million dollars.

$1.5 Million on a Free Bet

It was a sweet victory for the Detroit Lions' former quarterback, but an even sweeter victory for this man who placed a bet online.

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The lucky player took advantage of a free bet opportunity that was offered by the online betting app Draft Kings Sportsbook. Five random players were given the opportunity to bet up to $1 million on a free play.

But this man turned a $1 million win into $1.5 million.

Betting against the odds, the man waited until the LA Rams were down to place a live bet and cashed in for an even bigger payday.

 Who Won $1.5 Million on Sunday?

All we know at this point is the man's name is Kyle. The Twitter account for Bleecher Report Betting says he's from the great state of Michigan.

Draft Kings Sportsbook gave kudos to the player on its official Twitter account, saying "Major bag alert - Congrats to this winner who cashed in big on our Million Dollar Free Bet!"

Keep reading to see pics from inside the luxurious home Matthew Stafford owned while he lived in Detroit.


Inside Matthew Stafford's Home


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