The Taylor North team shutout Florida in its opener and will face Abilene TX after a rain out on Sunday.

Taylor North rode the hot arm of Ethan Van Belle to an 8-0 whitewashing of Palm City, Florida in their Little League World Series opener last week, and then watched as their late Sunday game was rained out in Williamsport PA.

Taylor North's scheduled game against Abilene, Texas was rescheduled for Monday afternoon at 1:00pm. Abilene also rolled in its opener, 6-0 over Washington State.

In that game, catcher Ella Bruning became just the third girl in LLWS history to record a multi-hit game when she notched two hits and drove in a run in the contest. She is just the 20th girl to participate in the World Series, and the first ever to start as a catcher. Her dad, Bryan, is the team's coach.

Ella showed some self-deprecating humor after the win, as she was quoted as saying, "It felt really good, because it wasn’t expected, because I’m not the best hitter. Those were were my first two hits of the season…don’t tell anyone," in a quote posted on the LLWS social media account.

Her feat comes just even years after Mone Davis became the first girl to notch a victory pitching in the Series. She was on hand yesterday for the Nickelodeon Kids Cast of the annual Major League game played at the series between the Los Angeles Angels and the Cleveland Indians.

The opening weekend of World Series play also featured a no-hit shut out by Eli Jones of the Eastlake, Washington team. Who then received this call telling him that Mike Trout of the LA  Angels was talking about his effort on TV. How cool is that?

The Little League World Series continues through Sunday, August 29.

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