Michigan has had some well-known and unfortunate natural weather disasters over the years, most recently with the deadly tornado that made its way over Gaylord in 2022, and the Kalamazoo F3 Tornado that struck in the early 80s.

But it turns out that when it comes to living in a state where there are few weather disasters, Michigan has apparently ranked as #1 since 1953 by one source. A website at Terrafrma.com highlights the facts of this investigation:

Michigan has been the state with the least natural disasters since 1953 as it’s located in the midwest and receives natural protection from the Great Lakes. As a result, the Great Lakes State is generally safe from major natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. While Michigan has experienced some tornadoes and earthquakes in the past, they have been minor compared to other parts of the country.

Close Runners

Illinois actually came in third on their list of other safer places to live. A teacher, Tammy, actually says she teaches this in her class:

THIS is literally what I teach in my Earth Science class. Why Michigan is the best place to live - based on Science
Other people who have experienced natural disasters also claim Michigan is a safe state to live in as well
After experiencing the Nashville flood of 2010...I came back to Michigan for just this reason.- Lori
All states are bound to have natural disasters but Michigan just may be the most protected especially when it comes to hurricanes and earthquakes. We just gotta keep an eye on those tornados. Stay safe.

Tornadoes in Michigan, Early 1900s

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