The four month old ginger kitten is being considered a hero after saving a Farmington Hills family from certain death.

'Thor' Likes To Complain A Lot, And That Saved A Family From CO-2 Poisoning

The small, orange kitten began meowing incessantly when a garage door closed, spreading deadly carbon monoxide from a generator through the family's home back on August 30.

A storm caused the power to go out at Heidi and Ronald Stamper‘s Farmington Hills, Michigan, home and they used the portable generator in their garage to keep some appliances running.

Somehow, the garage door was accidentally closed before the couple and their two children, 13-year-old Paige and Quinn, 11, went to sleep and carbon monoxide started filling their home.

While the family slept, their kitten, Thor, started crying loudly and woke up Heidi. She could tell something was wrong with the kitten, so she took him outside.

When the cat seemed better, she went back inside and soon the gas caused her to lose consciousness. Thor went back to crying loudly which woke up the children.

Timothy Meinberg via Unsplash
Timothy Meinberg via Unsplash

The Kids Were Able To Get Everyone Else Out Of The Home

The kids managed to get their semi-conscious parents safely out of the house and called emergency services for help. Firefighters came to the home and took the family to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Heidi and the children had to be flown to a larger hospital in Toledo for specialized care. The whole family fortunately survived the ordeal and they say they owe their lives to their kitten.

Thankful To Be Alive, The Family Wants To Warn Others

The Stampers say they want to get the word out that if it can happen to them, it could happen to anyone, so they ae helping the Farmington Hills Fire Department warn of the dangers of portable generators.

“This is a frightening example of how carbon monoxide can accumulate quickly and potentially be fatal,” Farmington Hills fire Chief Jon Unruh told WDIV News. “Fortunately, this incident had a positive ending, but we hope all families will learn from the Stampers and keep their generators outside.”

Thor, meanwhile, did not set off the Ragnarok, but is instead still living at home with the Stampers.

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