Every winter my lovely wife and I say we're going to go cross-country skiing. And yet - we don't. Probably because of me. My excuse has always been - there's not enough snow or, when there IS enough snow, the places you go to ski are probably packed with people. (I have excuses for everything - deer that I didn't shoot, fish that got away, money I lost at the casino....it goes on and on) I want to try it - I just want to make sure that when we go, it all works out. (I know I'm not the only one thinking like this - right?)

I may have met my match.

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As it turns out, according to MLive.com, Michigan has a world-class, cross-country ski location that nobody seems to know about. And this place (Forbush Corner, in Frederic, Michigan - north of Grayling) has a snow-making system - the only one like it in the U.S. - so there's always snow. To the point where they sometimes stay open and ski into April. Well, now we're talking.

And now my wife just read this and is calling me.

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