For ten years Eddie Zajdel has had a Wiffle ball stadium in his parents' backyard in Plymouth, MI. Over the last eight years it's been worked on and improved to the point where now - it's just plain awesome.

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 According to, Zajdel Park, as it's known, has a manicured, laser-leveled playing surface with a professional-grade base-path, with an infield of "a specialty blend of Kentucky Bluegrass harvested from Schaafsma’s Sod Farm in St. Anne, Illinois" - the same place Comerica Park gets its sod. Zajdel Park has chalk foul lines, professional grade lights, a bar along the third baseline with TV screens and an outdoor hot tub overlooking the field.

And while it gets compared to the "Field of Dreams" field, it doesn't have corn growing in the outfield - yet.

Eddie decided to really go all out on Zajdel Park after going to a Tigers game at Comerica Park when he was 14. He's 22 (and a filmmaker) now, but obviously had to have some financial backing early on from his parents. He estimates the work put into it has cost about $10,000 to this point.

Now, Eddie wants to start a Wiffle ball league. Once this pandemic is over, he wants to play the games and broadcast them live, online. We'll keep you posted if that happens.

By the way - Zajdel Park isn't the most extravagant Wiffle ball "stadium" in America. There's a Strawberry Field in Encino, California that allegedly cost $700,000 to build. I've seen photos. I think Zajdel Park is better.

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