If you love to grill ribs, pork, beef brisket, and more, then we've found the perfect grilling competition for you in Gaylord, Michigan.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

Those who know barbecue will have a weekend in the spotlight at Treetops resort in Gaylord.  The grilling extravaganza and Michigan brew event is May 14-15 at the northern Michigan ski and golf resort.

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I won't tell you that I'm excellent when it comes to grilling, but I can say that I've never had any complaints when it comes to my own grilling expertise.  Although I must say, grilling ribs, pork, and brisket takes a little extra time to get it just right.

The Detroit Free Press tells us:

The resort's Grill on the Hill is back for the third time.  Last year, the event didn't take place because of the pandemic.  The first two years, the event focused on those who cook using Big Green Egg grills.  The Big Green Eggs are kamado-style, ceramic grills known for their egg shape and cult-like following.

Do I personally have what it takes to grill at this upcoming event to win an award?  Not sure about that, but we can tell you that this event is open to all types of grills.  If you want to compete, just bring your own grill and fire up the meat.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

Awards will go to the best ribs, pork and beef brisket.  There will also be an overall people's choice award.

This sounds like a good time for everyone.  Treetops Grill on the Hill will take place from noon until 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 15.  How can you go wrong with a delicious barbecue and a round of golf too?

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