Below is the fourth gallery of Michigan's old general stores, many going back over one hundred years ago.

The more 'general store' galleries I do, the harder it gets to find different ones. This latest gallery took a lot longer than usual, as I didn't want to repeat any of the pictures in the others. I had to keep going back and forth, making sure these were all different ones...if I get the moxie to attempt a fifth 'general store' gallery, it's gonna take me even longer.

With that said, these photos are so enjoyable to see...whether you are from a particular town that's named, or not. Just seeing where town residents did their shopping and hangin' out, and then comparing it to where we shop and hang today, is a slap of reality. Life was simpler, less complicated, friendlier...don't some of you wish we had that in the 2000s?

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You could even talk politics...that's right, politics and not get your head bashed in. Yeah, there were disagreements, but not like the atmosphere in the current century.

But it wasn't all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, either. Compared to now, it was a tough life; they didn't think it was so tough, because it was what they were used's how they grew up. If some of us were to be taken back in time and plopped down in the year 1901, they'd scream bloody murder for someone to bring 'em back. Would you? Or would you dig it?

Now that all that is out of the way, here are 50 more terrific-but-simple Michigan general stores, from 1900 to 1950! Then come back and check out the first three galleries here:
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Michigan's Old General Stores, Part 4


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