I am a big fan of football, especially college football.  I have been a big fan of the University of Michigan Football program since I once practiced in the Big House and started watching and listening to Bo Schembechler inspirational speeches when I played football.

For all you Spartan fans, today I consider myself a college and especially a Big 10 college football fan so I do root for the Spartans to win every game.  When Michigan plays MSU I hope for a great game and for the team that plays the best that day to win.

Michigan’s Coach Jim Harbaugh, is in his 5th season as the head coach of “The Team” and pulls in approximately $9 million dollars a year, the most of any college football coach in the United States.

After his first few season in which fans gave him time to build his team, every year Michigan fans keep expecting this year to be the year.

Last Saturday I went to the Michigan/Army (West Point) football game and I can definitely tell you this year will not be the year.  They played horribly against West Point and in fact West Point deserved to win that game, if not for a few feet from a final second’s field goal Michigan would have lost.

You could say they had a bad day, I would agree that you could.  Problem is they did not improve at all since the last game.  In any sport, you could have a bad day or game but you need to improve on the mistakes you made the game before or a pattern emerges.  That pattern emerged last Saturday.  Michigan not only did not improve on the mistakes they made the game before they actually got worse and made more mistakes.

Now I am hope I am wrong and only time will tell.

I will say if you have never gone to a Michigan game you should give it a try, it is really something to see.

Go Blue and Go Green and White!

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