This is not about the history of farming.
This is not about the history of Michigan farmers.
This is simply an opportunity to say “thanks” to all the Michigan farmers in a kind of ‘tribute’.

The gallery below has many photos of farmers throughout our state, going back well over 100 years. You won’t see any fancy-shmancy farm equipment, or irrigators, or gas-powered plows…nope. These are farms the way they were…the ones that shaped Michigan farming…

I’m in no way saying that farming in the 2000s is simpler…UH-UH. It’s a tough job, even with modern, up-to-date equipment. Some people may only see farmers by the way they’ve been depicted in the movies: getting up early, milking the cows, plowing a field, feeding the chickens, sloppin’ the hogs, mending a fence, and calling it a day.

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Think that’s accurate?
Think those fruits and vegetables grow themselves?
Where do you think those burgers, chicken wings, and bacon come from?
If you wonder, then you need to spend a day - no, make that a week - on a farm and go through the exact same routine the farmers do. Maybe then you’ll regard them a little higher and respect ‘em a little more.

Even if you do acknowledge their importance and the hard work they do, it just may make a little extra impact.

Now take a look at the gallery, with many vintage photos of farmers and farm life in Michigan going back over 100 years!

Michigan Farmers


Stormy Kromers

Michigan Jails

Michigan-Ohio-Indiana Border

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