Sometimes, you just completely run out of ideas on things to buy people for the holidays and want to spruce up your gift-giving with something a bit more out of the ordinary!

Luckily, there are plenty of places in Michigan where you can give someone the gift of a unique experience rather than a material item.

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Asking For Experiences Over Gifts

Do you ever have those moments when someone says "Hey! I need Christmas ideas for you" and you just freeze, your mind goes blank and you can't think of another thing you could possibly need or want.

Maybe even someone needs an idea for your child, your significant other and you think to yourself "well, they have enough of [this] and enough of [that] and we really don't need more junk in this house." That's where booking an experience for someone that they normally wouldn't book for themselves comes in!

We were so stumped on what to get our nephew for Christmas this year when his mom suggested we get him something that would involve us taking him for the weekend and trying something new!

I was so inspired by that idea, I not only now have four other people getting the gift of an "experience" for the holidays this year but figured we could put together a little gifting guide for anyone else who is stumped this season.

12 Experiences in Michigan That Make Great Holiday Gifts

When you can't think of one more material thing to get someone on your holiday shopping list this year, why not give them the gift of something fun and new to go do? Much like the "12 Days of Christmas" here are 12 of some of our favorite ideas around Michigan that would make great gifts.

 What Michigan Experiences Have You Gifted?

We know we touched on some pretty heavy hitters here and, hopefully, gave you some ideas!

However, we know there are far more than just 12 things to do around the Great Lakes State around the holidays or in the winter.

What have been some of your favorite experiences to gift someone for the holidays? Or, on the flip side, which ones would you NOT recommend?


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