Coyotes can be found everywhere in Michigan and can cause you some problems.

Just because you live in the city doesn't mean you won't run into a coyote. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has some tips for you on how to keep coyotes from becoming unwelcome visitors to your area.

If you do see coyotes in your area, they may be there because it's an unintentionally great habitat for them. Simple things like taking down bird feeders and keeping trash cans indoors if possible are good things to consider if you see coyotes in your area.

If there is an unwelcome coyote visiting the area, the first thing to consider is what the coyote might find appealing about the location. Is there a nearby patch of woods or natural area that might provide shelter? Are there food sources available, such as bird feeders, that attract small mammals or an abundance of bunnies? If so, where possible, modify or remove the things that make the area attractive to coyotes...said Hannah Schauer, Wildlife Communications Coordinator with the Department of Natural Resources.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources also has some "hazing" tactics to help ward off the unwanted coyotes. Check out the video below to see those.

You want to make it an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for the coyote to be near people...Coyotes that become accustomed to being in close proximity to people may become bolder as they are less fearful. Remind them that people should be avoided...said Schauer.

Also, if you are the hunting type, coyote hunting season is open year-round in Michigan with no bag limit.

Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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