The Michigan DNR needs your help to count Michigan's frogs (and toads). Because they suck at counting themselves.

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Frogs and toads have been around for the past 250 million years. There are over 6000 species around the world. According to, in Michigan, we have 13 species. And they need to be counted. Honestly - frogs are pretty fragile due to how their skin reacts to the environment around them and when they start disappearing, it signals something wrong in the environment. Extinctions happen all the time, but some scientists are concerned about the number of extinctions of frog species compared to other like animals.

The DNR frog survey has been going on for 25 years, the second longest frog survey by state behind only Wisconsin. Probably because frog legs go so well with Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy beer.

Probably not the place to bring up tasty frog legs. I apologize.

If you want to help, the DNR has it all laid out for you. Good luck.

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